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The Starwood Festival

Imagine a vacation in another realm. A cosmic resort in time and space where scientists sit with shamans and Druids dance with Deadheads. A place where African drums jam with bluegrass fiddles and political activism meets Earth spirituality. Days are spent in exploration of Strange New Worlds within and without, where theatre and life meld, while the nights blaze with music, drumming, colored lights and bonfire flames. We provide the elements, you create the experience!

At The Starwood Festival, every second week of July, you can walk through a candle-lit labyrinth serenaded by live harp music, and go to workshops from more than 50 teachers, local and internationally acclaimed artists / speakers from a variety of spiritual paths and fields of study.

Starwood offers co-op child care, and a Costumed Kid’s Parade on Saturday! Our shuttle service allows you to traverse the beautiful land with ease. Bring your drum and find a new rhythm, shop from a huge array of merchants who bring their unusual wares from far and wide. Talented craftspeople offer one-of-a-kind creations.

Explore our Didge Dome where entrancing improv music (featuring you, if you like) evolves each night. The Pufferdome, our own air-supported canvas bubble of a portable night club will be alive with music and projections each night. Saturday night is Starwood’s crescendo when we light our infamous bonfire, and dance around it ‘til dawn.

Many say they met friends at Starwood that feel like their chosen family. Others say they love the strong sense of intentional community. If you like camping, music, discovery and meeting interesting people, The Starwood Festival is made for you!

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